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Besides tiling works, we also undertake many renovation projects that involve other general renovation trades such as carpentry, sanitary, aluminium and electrical works. Our project management and experience ensures that we deliver quality results on time, regardless of the extent of the works.

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Our renovation services provides an all-encompassing one-stop service that manages and coordinates a project from conception to completion.

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We provide a non-obligatory site survey in order to provide the best renovation advice to our clients. We aim to be practical and effective in our approach to planning the renovation, with strong regard to the budget and time constraints.

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We provide general renovation installations such as carpentry installation, electrical works, sanitary installations as well as aluminium works to ensure a complete end product.

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BTO Packages


We start by helping our clients conceive of the renovation approach with a strong emphasis on practicality and affordability.


Our project manager works closely with our clients to ensure the quality and consistency of the project from start to handover.

Budget & Planning

We plan our renovation with strict adherence to the project budget in order to plan the renovation process to be carried out economically and smoothly.


Whether it’s a new unit slated for renovation, or the upgrading of an existing unit, our services are able to refurnish the property to your satisfaction.

We provide simple and practical renovation advice to give our clients a fuss-free and quality renovation experience.

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