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We provide new tiling installation and repair services for small and large projects in HDBs, Condominiums as well as other forms of properties. This includes direct wall and floor tiling works, as well as necessary waterproofing bathroom or balcony tiling works. Common repairs include popping tiles repair and rectification works. All our tiling works are performed in accordance with professional BCA standards to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

Homogenous Tiles


Some of our popular tiling installations include ceramic, homogenous, marble and craftstone. Our preferred tile supplier is Hafary, which provides the largest range of tiles in Singapore.

Feature wall tiles


We provide expert tiling installations as well as necessary maintenance repair works on all surfaces both in interior and exterior surfaces. Our projects range from small domestic jobs to larger commercial ones.

Living Room Floor Tiles


We perform floor and wall tiling installation on all areas including:
· Dry areas (living room, bedrooms, kitchens)
· Wet areas (bathrooms, balconies, patios)
· Staircases

Dislodged or Popping Tiles Repair

Are your floor tiles or wall tiles starting to dislodge? One sign that your tiles might be dislodging is when the produce a ‘hollow’ sound when you knock a metallic item against them. If you hear a ‘hollow’ sound, the adhesive between the substrate and the tile has been compromised, leading to a loosening in its ‘stickiness’. A tell-tale sign you need tiling repair is when your tiles start to ‘tent’ or bulge, forming a protrusion on the surface. In the most serious cases, homeowners have witnessed floor tiles pop up several inches into the air, or in the case of wall tiles, falling onto the ground. To prevent injury, cover the affected area immediately with a cardboard prevent stepping on it directly.

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Office cracked tiles


Bulging ceramic tiles

Granite tiles tenting

Tile Repair

Typically, dislodge tile cases are not localised onto a particular area, and if that is the case, replacing an extended area of tiles is the best option. This helps to ensure that there are no longer any loose or hollow tiles in the surrounding areas, which are likely to have a recurrence again if not properly rectified.

Waterproofing and Wetworks

Do you suspect your bathroom or balcony to be leaky? You may conduct a simple visual check to assess if there could be a chance your bathroom or balcony needs re-waterproofing. You may check for the following visually:

  • Loose or hollow tiles
  • Persistent mouldy, damp appearance
  • Peeling paint on adjacent wall outside
  • Yellow stains on the ceiling under the shower.

If you have identified any of the above signs, you might require waterproofing and tiling works to be carried out. We are able to carry out professional waterproofing application works to prevent future seepage from occuring. Our waterproofing methods follow HDB and BCA standard ceiling leak procedures.

waterproofing membrane

Waterproofing membrane

ceiling stain

Yellow-brownish ceiling stain

Balcony waterproofing


A complete service is provided including the removal and disposal of tiles, fittings and furnishings.


All surfaces will be professionally prepared to ensure quality and durability.

Wet area

We provide wet area installations with application of necessary waterproofing systems.


Bring your tiles back to life by re-grouting them as well as other maintenance services.

Our experienced tiling contractors and tilers provide quality workmanship to breathe new life into your home with elegant and simple finishes.

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